About the Band

In 1983, with their chart-topping songs and the grassroots support of their loyal fanbase, four young men from Galveston, Texas became the most popular band in America. That band was Love Supply, they sucked, and on a fateful day in 1983, their opening act, the Midnight Riders, beat them so bad onstage that we became instantly famous.

The Midnight Riders decided to spend the next two years working on our first album, enjoying a little time away from the spotlight, and serving eight to ten years for aggravated assault in the federal correctional facility at Fort Worth. Luckily for Riders fans the world over, we accidentally hadn’t killed any of Love Supply, and due to an over-crowding problem in the joint, all non-murderers were released in January, 1985. Three months later, the result was our debut album We’re Coming For You, Love Supply, after which the band Love Supply retired, and the mantle of Greatest Southern Rock Supergroup of All Time passed to us. That same year, bass player Riggs Donner was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, and was replaced by provisional temporary band member Jake Thorne.

Since then the Riders have released over 23 albums, none of which ever went platinum because the goddamn bean counters at our record label wouldn’t know how to market an album if you broke into their Nashville headquarters and held a loaded Desert Eagle to their faces until the police showed up. A good man can’t get a fair shake in this industry.

In 1989, the Riders’ first ever love balla d, ‘This Man Loves You’, written and performed on piano by provisional temporary band member Jake Thorne and released as a B-side to the single ‘Midnight Ride’ from our album Born Yesterday, became the band’s first ever #1 hit song. To this day, the band refuses to play the song live.

In 1993 the Midnight Riders finally got our long-overdue recognition from the music industry, winning the Grammy for Most Pyrotechnics in a Single Concert.

The Midnight Riders are currently on the road for their No Salvation fairgrounds tour, as part of our promotion of the just-released Greatest Hits album, High Heels and Brushed Steel.